Saturday, January 22, 2011

Google Android 2.3.2 update for Nexus S

Google is rolling out two OTA updates that will fix a certain SMS bug that has been plaguing some Android handset owners.

The Nexus S has received the Android 2.3.2 update, sized at only 600kb, which comes with some important bug fixes, including the SMS bug fix but also addressing the issues that caused the Nexus S to randomly reboot.

Nexus One owners received the Android 2.2.2 update – not quite a Gingerbread upgrade just yet – that has been said to address the same SMS bug and also contains other “important bug fixes”.

If you own a Nexus S and you haven’t yet received the update, it is possible to install it manually:

  1. You need to download the file from Google’s Android repository from HERE
  2. Rename the file to, place it on the phones internal storage 
  3. Apply the patch from recovery.

NOTE: If this is something you haven’t tried before, we suggest you wait for the official update.


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