Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tips To Insert SIM Card In iPhone 4

Tips To Insert SIM Card In iPhone 4

iPhone 4 is a stunning mobile phone and totally different with another. Some of you who have bought iPhone 4 perhaps find difficulty on how to insert the SIM into the phone. Well iPhone 4 uses micro SIM which is 15mm x 12 mm size and the location to insert the SIM is somehow unpredicted, so follow the steps below to get your SIM into the iPhone 4 :

1. Straight a paper clip

2. See the right side of your iPhone 4, see the picture below for the exact location.

3. Insert the tip of the paper clip into small hole available there and push it gently until the tray pops out then pull out the SIM tray with your hands.

Watch the video below:

4. Put your micro SIM card into the tray and the golden circuit side must is faced downwards.

5. Push gently the SIM tray back inside the phone until you hear a click sound that signals that the SIM tray is in correct position and locked.

6. Just wait for a moment until your iPhone recognizes the SIM card. That's how to insert the SIM into the phone and hope it can help you.

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