Friday, June 10, 2011

PS3 Jailbreak Files 3.55 and TUTORIAL

This Jailbreak For PS3 is for PS3 that have 3.55 version or below if you have a 3.56 or 3.60 above you must have to wait for the next jailbreak on your device

first you need to download this files

you have a pendrive atleast 1gig

PS3ita 3.55 v1.1.PUP

multiMAN ver 1.16.11 BASE (20110322_170000).rar Mediafire

BDEMU.rar Mediafire

1st format your pendrive

then make a folder PS3 and at the PS3 folder make a Folder UPDATE

then extract the ps3ita_355_cfw_11_pup.rar on the UPDATE folder

then extract the multiMAN ver 1.16.11 BASE (20110322_170000).rar on your pendrive

and last extract the BDEMU.rar on your pendrive

now plug in your pendrive on your PS3 then turn on your device

now i have 3.55 firmware version on my PS3 its still can put the CFW on it even you have a 3.55 version

go to system update

then you find out the update via media storage CLICK IT

then you will see this message will pop up on your PS3 CLICK OK

then you will see this message click the Right button on the PS3 controller

then choose accept then click again the right button on the PS3 controller

now click again the right button on the ps3 controller

now check the turn off system automatically after update then click START

then the update will come up and your PS3 will automatically Reboot after that

then you will see this image

then CLICK the PS button on the PS3 Controller.. it will located at the middle of the controller

then the update will automatically begin.. after the updating PROCESS the PS3 will automatically TURN OFF


How To Play Game in the PS3 on a External Hardisk Tutorial

now turn on your PS3 and you will notice you have this folder on the game menu go to that folder the find the multiman v 1.16.11

multiman v 1.16.11 INSTALL IT

installing miltiman v 1.16.11

install completed

find the BDEMU-355KM.pkg

then install it

install completed

now you will notice in that you have the multiman application on your PS3 game menu

now plug in the a original DVD game on your PS3 you will need this to be able to play the pirated game or crack game on your external hardisk to your PS3 Console and plug in the External Hardisk w/ crack game inside of it but be sure all the crack games on the hardisk is located on the /GAMEZ folder

Now i have the wulfensiein game ORIGINAL DVD GAME

Now Run the Multiman

then you will see this notice choose YES

then a message again choose YES

then in the 3 time notice again choose YES

after that you will see this Playstation 3 image Loading

now the game on your External Hardisk will POP UP on the screen like this

then choose a game then PRESS X to load i choose DEVIL MAY CRY 4

then this message will POP UP


Credit goes to the author and the hackers

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